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We Send Chilled Semen Across the UK and Worldwide

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uk enterprise awards

We Send Chilled Semen Across the UK and Worldwide

Dachshund Pawprint
Dachshund Pawprint
Dachshund Pawprint

Stud Dogs Dorset

Here at Country Style Dachshunds Ltd, we have a variety of beautiful stud dogs in Dorset. We are a family run business with expert knowledge, skills and experience in breeding and grooming, so you can feel peace of mind knowing that the dachshunds are very well looked after. Although we are based in Dorset, we welcome potential owners to visit our countryside home. So, why not give us a call to discuss your options? Before you do, let’s get ready to meet our gorgeous dachshund studs!

Meet Our Stud Dachshund Dogs

Are you ready to meet our stud dachshund dogs? Stud dogs are male animals who are retained for breeding and the reason our pups are so healthy is because of these guys! Every stud is tested PRA clear and KC registered.

Introducing... 007 Mr Pickles

Mr Pickles is a confident, adventurous, lean, mean handsome machine! His fur colour is the unique Isabella tan which makes him stand out from the rest. He is strong, confident and loves swimming, not to mention, those big green eyes are to die for.

The full colour genetics Mr Pickles carries are the following: 

  • Isabella carrying Tan – ata bb dd Ee KBky SS 
  • 2 copies of chocolate ‘bb’, 1 copy of cream (Ee), 2 copies of dilute – black to blue/chocolate to Isabella – (dd), KBky, (solid), 1 copy tan points, 1 copy recessive black (ata) &   2 copies of piebald (SS) 

Introducing... Wizard

Wizard is our blue dapple stud dog who is very handsome, strutting around the place like he’s Brad Pitt (with the same attention from the ladies). He also has a very soft and outgoing nature, which is inherited in his offspring.

The full colour genetics Wizard carries are the following:

  • Blue Dapple – bb ata 

Say hi to... Mr Fudge

Mr Fudge is mummy’s favourite boy. A young, attractive and incredibly loving, kind and soft natured Isabella dapple stud who carries blue chocolate genes, as well as a 50% long hair gene.

The full colour genetics Mr Fudge carries are the following:

  • Isabella dapple carrying piebald bb & 1 copy pied (NS)

New kid on the block...Boris

Boris is an English cream-longhaired Dachshund of exceptional quality, boasting double intensity ii and a remarkable DNA. His physical attributes include a bold-looking chest, huge lion-like feet, and a super straight back. His character is equally impressive, as he is known for his gentle and loving nature, devoid of any negative traits. We take great pride in having bred him in-house, with the assistance of our esteemed colleague, Zoe Saunders, resulting in a bloodline that is rich in quality and structure. Boris is a true testament to our commitment to excellence in breeding.

Wave hello to... Bean

Bean has certainly inherited his charming characteristics from his famous dad ‘Alfie’, a Black and Tan dachshund who has led a very successful life as a pet model featuring as a UK group-winning show champion @ 18 months and is a TV star who appears in Vitality adverts. Bean’s dad, Alfie, has 5x CC   5x RCC   5x BOB   1x G1   1x RBPIS.


Bean is an incredibly loyal, sweet and affectionate little dachshund. His playful and loving energy is infectious. Besides his big personality and being extremely handsome, he is just a joy to be around. 


Contact Country Style Dachshunds Today

As you can see, the dachshunds we breed come from the best of the best stud dogs and dams in Dorset. Our puppies inherit almost every trait, so you can rest assured knowing that your little dachshund will be as loving, kind and adventurous as the rest. Contact Country Style Dachshunds today for information on upcoming litters.

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